Starting an Online Business

I remember when I was first interested in starting an online business I did not know where to start.  I needed to learn how to make money from home and the internet seemed the most logical format.  I knew I needed to find a product and put up a website but I didn’t know the first thing about how to create a website much less what kind of product I was going to sell.

I racked my brain for information that I could write about, something that would be interesting and valuable to someone else.  Strangely enough, I could not think of anything that I thought someone would pay for.  Pretty sad, huh?  I thought transcribeme? See this review  perhaps I could pay someone to write for me but that seemed like a huge expense at the time and I just never pursued it.

I kept looking for an “in” into how to start an online business and I finally found it.  My whole business took off when I found that I could use products that other people have written and actually get them at an affordable price.  Private Label Rights products are just that.  Someone has taken the time to research for popular niches, study a subject, write an eBook report and then create a web mini site with a sales page and order links.

The producers of the Private Label Rights (PLR) products make money by selling the products to a limited number of wholesalers and then those wholesalers sell them to their customers who want to make money on the internet.  Now you might think that this would flood the market with those particular products, however, with millions of potential customers it would be very difficult to “flood” the internet with any one product.

Reselling a PLR product allows you to modify the product or the mini-site in any way you would like.  Obviously you will want to put your name on it but if you want to add to it or break it into several smaller products that is your right as well.

I have since created a few of my own products because I saw a need in the marketplace.  However, it takes at least a month to get the product ready, then there is the writing or purchasing of the sales letter and then another month or more to finish the website.

With the PLR product already written and the mini-site already created you can spend a few hours modifying them to your criteria and then get to work on generating traffic.

You save countless hours capitalizing on the use of other people’s time and efforts.


How to Find the Right Niche

I highly recommend that you first do a little soul searching and see what subjects would make you happy working with on a regular basis. You know the old saying…”Do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life.” Well, I think that definitely applies to starting an online business.

If you pick markets that you are passionate about you will find the work of article writing and blogging to be much easier. If you love doing something you will probably be pretty good at it thus turning a hobby into a money maker. You will have insight into this community and be able to better identify their needs and wants and satisfy them with your online products.

First find the niches you love and then you will be able to determine if these are hungry niches looking for products to buy.

Make a list of the hobbies you like. It could be anything…cooking, car mechanics, gardening, computers, weightlifting, bird watching, playing an instrument, etc. Write down everything, even if you don’t think it would be something that you could sell a product in. Just write for now.

Now that you have these broad subjects written down, we’re going to drill down and find the some of the what is healthywage – Stealth Secrets niches in these subjects. For example if one of your passions is gardening then niches would be…organic gardening, flower gardening, herb gardening and vegetable gardening. See how you can find many different niches in just one subject!

You may be knowledgeable enough to create an information product about one or more of your niches – that’s terrific. I encourage you to embrace ways to make money from home and a new, fresh product is definitely one of them.

However, if you want to get your online business up fast then you can use products that have already been researched and written by an expert in the field. Using a Master Resell Rights (MRR) or Private Label Rights (PLR) product will help you leap frog over the tasks of writing the report or book, creating a sales letter, creating a website, etc. Once your business is up and earning money you can always devote time to creating your own product.

Once you have a list of niches that give you a spark then you will need to search for products to sell. You can search Google for MRR or PLR products or you can join a membership site such as and get a monthly feed of new products every month. Some will be in your niches and some may even spark a new niche you never thought of before.

If you need help digging for Niche nuggets then check out Finding Your Niche video series. This set of 7 videos will take you step-by-step through the process of brainstorming for niches, evaluating the popularity of a niche and determining a profitable angle. You will be surprised at the free in depth tools that are available for you.


Write Articles for Traffic

We all know the formula for being successful online:

– Find a great product to sell
– Get lots of traffic to your website
– Rinse and repeat!

As I’ve talked about in other posts, getting the products is easy.  Using private label rights products is one of the easiest and fastest ways to earn money online.  So that leaves us with the traffic tasks.

Writing articles has become a truly effective way to drive targeted traffic to your websites.  Articles are helpful in three ways:

1) The link in your resource box is a way for Google and the other search engines to index your site for content relevant to your product.

2) Your article can be used by other webmasters for content on their sites, thus spreading your backlink other sites and again getting indexed by the search engines from that site.

3) Your article will be read by real people and if you have helped them and intrigued them to know more about you or your product they will follow your link and perhaps become a customer.

There are a lot of articles available on the internet but you can still find new and fresh angles to present information.  Do not bother with buying “canned” articles as the best directories (Ezine Articles, GoArticles and Article Dashboard) want original content.

An article between 300 and 600 words is a good size.  Be generous and give information that you would want to find if you were researching a subject. Remember you are the expert, you want the reader to want more from you so they will following the link in your resource box and visit your site.

Set a goal of at least 1 article per site per week.  You can always write more but writing less will seriously hurt your traffic generation attempts.