Write Articles for Traffic

We all know the formula for being successful online:

– Find a great product to sell
– Get lots of traffic to your website
– Rinse and repeat!

As I’ve talked about in other posts, getting the products is easy.  Using private label rights products is one of the easiest and fastest ways to earn money online.  So that leaves us with the traffic tasks.

Writing articles has become a truly effective way to drive targeted traffic to your websites.  Articles are helpful in three ways:

1) The link in your resource box is a way for Google and the other search engines to index your site for content relevant to your product.

2) Your article can be used by other webmasters for content on their sites, thus spreading your backlink other sites and again getting indexed by the search engines from that site.

3) Your article will be read by real people and if you have helped them and intrigued them to know more about you or your product they will follow your link and perhaps become a customer.

There are a lot of articles available on the internet but you can still find new and fresh angles to present information.  Do not bother with buying “canned” articles as the best directories (Ezine Articles, GoArticles and Article Dashboard) want original content.

An article between 300 and 600 words is a good size.  Be generous and give information that you would want to find if you were researching a subject. Remember you are the expert, you want the reader to want more from you so they will following the link in your resource box and visit your site.

Set a goal of at least 1 article per site per week.  You can always write more but writing less will seriously hurt your traffic generation attempts.

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